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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

You can email questions about Radio Ideas Bank and membership fees to

You can also follow us on Twitter @radioideasbank where we share useful news about radio sales and post tips about promotions. From time to time, we also give away a free idea!

Are all your ideas original?

Most of the hundreds of creative contest and promotion ideas on Radio Ideas Bank are tried-and-tested and have been curated from stations around the world. We showcase them here in a searchable database so you can look up suitable ideas by client category or occasion.

We also have a big selection of new and original ideas. We have a team of creative individuals who think up these new ideas and we hope to add more and more original ideas over the coming months.

What's the cheapest way to buy your ideas?

We have a range of payment options to suit every pocket. You can buy ideas singularly on a pay-per-idea basis via Paypal or using a Visa or Mastercard or you can take out our Personal or Corporate Memberships which give you a discounted package of ideas annually.

For full details, see the What It Costs page.

Who uses Radio Ideas Bank?

We are proud to have registered users in more than 30 countries. Most of our members work in radio sales and specialise in sponsorship, promotions and interactive. They use us to brainstorm creative ideas they can sell to their clients.

We also have members who are radio programme directors and DJs who use Radio Ideas Bank to augment their own creativity and find different contests for use both on air and online.

I can only see the title of the idea. What happens if I download the idea and it's not right for me?

As you browse Radio Ideas Bank, you'll see that each idea contains the name of the contest or promotion and a brief one-line description of what it is. You should be able to make a purchase decision based on this. Obviously if we gave you access to the entire idea before deciding whether to buy it, we wouldn't have a business!

If you feel this is a problem, the best way to get around it is to purchase a Personal or Corporate Membership. With the increased number of ideas offered within these package, it means you can download ideas randomly rather than feel you're paying on a 'per idea' basis for something you might not use.

How did Radio Ideas Bank come into being?

Our founder, Paul Chantler, tells the story:-

"When I worked as the Programme Director for a radio station, there was one weekly meeting that secretly I used to dread.

"It was the sponsorship and promotions meeting where, every Tuesday at 9am, the two lovely ladies from the S&P team would arrive in my office bringing with them a half dozen or more briefs from the station's clients.

"The plan was to go through the briefs and brainstorm ideas for on-air contests and promotions – suitable and acceptable for programming – which could then be sold back to clients in addition to their airtime package.

"The problem was me. Trying to be creative and thinking up brilliant new ideas first thing on a Tuesday morning was not the easiest of tasks. And I found it tough to remember things from my 25-year career that had worked well in the past and could be adapted for current day use.

"Wouldn't it be wonderful, I thought, if I could go online for inspiration and search a database of contest ideas, sorted by client category or occasion?

"My efforts to try and find something like this proved fruitless. So when I was marooned for a couple of days by the Icelandic ash cloud at an aiport hotel in Dublin I passed the time by creating the concept of Radio Ideas Bank, an online tool for radio S&P executives – and programmers too."