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What It Costs


It's easy to get started using Radio Ideas Bank.

As a result of our recent feedback survey and to make Radio Ideas Bank more affordable, we're introducing new and more flexible ways to pay for access to our hundreds of radio contest and promotions ideas.

Our new category of Personal Membership allows individuals to sign up and pay a one-off annual fee to choose up to 40 of our ideas to download at any time in a 12-month period.

This means you can browse and download ideas 'on spec' rather than feeling you're paying on a per idea basis for something you might not use.

So there are now THREE simple and straightforward ways to access Radio Ideas Bank:

1 Pay Per Idea

For individuals and radio stations. Pay as you go for each idea for £15.00 via PayPal or credit card. (US $25, €18). No sign-up or commitment needed.

2 Personal Membership

Aimed at individuals. Pay the annual membership fee of just £240.00 via PayPal or credit card for up to 40 ideas over 12 months. (US $401, €288).

3 Corporate Membership

Aimed at radio stations and companies. Pay the annual membership fee in advance via money transfer for discounted packages of ideas:

Bronze Membership £500.00 US $835 €600 72 ideas
Silver Membership £850.00 US $1420 €1020 120 ideas
Gold Membership £1200.00 US $2004 €1440 180 ideas

To sign up for an account, please click here

If you already have an account with us and wish to discuss upgrading, for information on agency/group deals, or for any other queries, please contact .

If you already have an account with us and you wish to go straight ahead and upgrade, or have received a payment request from us, please log on first. Then click here to make payment (or navigate to the Memberships page from the top main menu available once logged in). Please note that all upgrades are manually processed when payment has cleared, so the upgrade will not be instantaneous. We aim to have all upgrades processed within one business day or less.

Note that all Dollar and Euro amounts on this page are approximate and based upon recent exchange rate values. All amounts will be charged in UK pounds and then converted to your local currency by Paypal.