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"Radio Ideas Bank has over the past 12 months consistently enabled us to pitch to larger brands, delivering creative ideas to increase spend. We've found that the best way to use Radio Ideas Bank is to take the basic idea and adapt it to suit the client. I would recommend Radio Ideas Bank to any sales executive that wants to "think outside the box". A very useful tool to take out and "excite" your client." – Ginny Murfin, Sunshine Radio

"The whole concept is brilliant and we swiftly subscribed when we heard about the service. It really inspires our sales executives and we have already written serious money on the back of it. An essential tool for any hungry sales team." – Bill Johnston, CEO, The Bay, England.

"I usually hate banks - but I just love Radio Ideas Bank! You can get a promotion or contest idea in 30 seconds" - Lenja F. Papp, CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau, Slovenia.

"We used Radio Ideas Bank to find a contest called 'Famous Last Words' which we sold to a local carpet retailer client.  We've run this fantastic contest 6 times now.  Not only does it give us additional revenue from this client, but it also creates great talkability among our audience and has helped us increase our listening hours!" - Kim Brown, Senior Sales Consultant, The Bay

"I did a search for 'holiday' and got over 30 results. The promotions had names that were intriguing, to say the least, and included 'Lucky Toothbrushes', 'Phantom Fiver Flinger', 'Rock Shop and Relax' and 'Briefcase Bonanza'.... The searches I did showed a lot of content here. A pretty specific database but useful for creatives or even event coordinators and marketing folks." – Research Buzz, US.