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We're Famous Worldwide!

Here's a new article all about us and our ideas featured in Radio World magazine in December 2013

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We're famous! We're in the Sunday Times!

Radio Ideas Bank's co-founder Paul Chantler was quoted in the Sunday Times (15th September 2013) in an article about the popularity of radio contests.

In the Radio Waves column by Paul Donovan, Paul comments on the lessons learned from the scandal in 2008 where BBC and commercial radio were fined for faking the outcomes of on-air competitions.

Mark Ramsay's Radio Ideas Festival

Esteemed US researcher Mark Ramsay says he's sick and tired of radio being sick and tired! And when Mark gets a hunch about where things are going, he does a survey - and this one wasn't pleasant.

For the question, "Radio brands create unique and compelling content", 51% of those in a 1,000-person poll said they disagreed.

Mark says radio needs to embrace fresh and exciting consumer-facing ideas to stay relevant. So he's announced a Radio Ideas Festival called Hivio (that stands for "a hive of smart people in and around radio"). The one-day event is taking place at a secret location in San Diego, California, and it's free - though only by invitation only for 25 to 50 people.

You can find out more about Mark's research and the Hivio festival here.

Sponsorship & Promotions Revenues up 8.1% in the UK

The UK's Radio Advertising Bureau has revealed figures which show that revenue from sponsorship and promotions increased by 8.1% in 2012.

Read the full story here

Now Offering New Programming Ideas...

Our announcement that we're now featuring programming ideas alongside sales idea on our website, received some great publicity from the UK's prestigious Radio Today website.

Bob Pittman – Fresh Ideas Are The Answer

The world’s most powerful radio executive – CEO of Clear Channel, Bob Pittman – says advertisers want fresh ideas from radio.

During his keynote speech at Radio Ink's Forecast conference in New York on 28th November 2012, Mr Pittman said it was important to bring creative people on sales calls to clients.

"We ask them what ideas they need," he said. "We have to ask for an assignment, not a buy. We have to be willing to bring them fresh ideas."

We agree!

Creativity Tips

Radio Ideas Bank co-founder Paul Chantler offers readers of the Earshot Creative website some tips on creativity. You can read his blog here

The Bank That Bails You Out...

We've started a new advertising campaign with the influential promotions and marketing website Earshot Creative today (July 2012) using the strapline 'The Bank That Bails You Out'. The ad is pictured below. Thanks to Stephen Martin and Jonathan Jacobs at Earshot for creating this for us.

Bright Ideas

UK radio programming consultant Paul Easton has praised Radio Ideas Bank in his blog (May 2012). You can read it here

Piggy Bank of Ideas

Influential Indian media and tech blogger Himanshu Agarwal from Bangalore has written up a question-and-answer session with Radio Idea Bank's chairman Paul Chantler (4th May 2012). The blog is called "Piggy Bank of Ideas" (we like that!) and you can read it here

Fresh and Original Ideas Now Online

New original ideas for radio contests are now being offered alongside tried-and-tested promotions by Radio Ideas Bank (May 2012)

Until now, has showcased hundreds of classic radio promotion and contest ideas from around the world. Sales executives use the ideas to generate more revenue by selling them to their clients.

Now a selection of new and original ideas which can be accessed by registered users and group subscribers will be featured every month.

Managing director Debbie Tighe says: “We’re getting great demand from radio stations all over the world for the contests and promotions we feature. Now we’re creating fresh, new ideas each month to add to our library.”

International Sign-Ups for Radio Ideas Bank

We're pleased to announce that Radio Ideas Bank now has registered users in more than 30 countries. Users of our site come from the UK, US, Canada, Europe, the UAE, South-East Asia, Australia, Africa and South America.

(April 2012)

More Ideas Are The Answer, According To Radio Ink Magazine

Excerpt from an article on the highly respected US website Radio Ink (January 2012) about new Arbitron listening research and what clients want:-

"Advertiser after advertiser, agency after agency we interview are consistent when we ask them the following question; What can radio improve upon to get on more of your buys? Bring more ideas is what they say."

Website Relaunch

We are celebrating our first birthday (January 2012) here at Radio Ideas Bank, and are proud to announce the launch of our newly-designed website with a new pay-per-idea feature.

Until now, stations have only been able to access the ideas on the database by subscription. Now Radio Ideas Bank has introduced a pay-per-idea feature.

Managing director Debbie Tighe says: “We want to help the many individual sales and promotions executives who tell us they want to access the database and buy ideas on a pay-as-you-go basis without having to commit to a quarterly or annual subscription.

"The new design of our website enhances the user experience, makes it easier to search for creative ideas and also features some free resources and advice for planning promotions."

Pay-per-idea users will be able to buy ideas using a credit card or PayPal. Discounted quarterly and annual subscriptions are still available for corporate clients.

Radio Ideas Bank already has users in 23 countries including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Denmark, Finland, Australia and Brazil.

New Study Shows Impact of On-Air Contests on Listeners

On air contests are one of the best remembered forms of radio advertising with big impact on listeners, according to a recent study.

The research – carried out by Absolute Radio in the UK – shows that promotional tools such as on air competitions by DJs are a more effective way of boosting recall and impression of a brand than spot advertising.

The findings were based on interviews with four groups of 250 listeners. It found that promotional trails for sponsored show or competitions were recalled by 73%. Advertisements were recalled by 58%.

UK Research Shows Importance of S&P

Combining sponsorship and promotions activity with airtime increases promoted recall of brands, according to a study carried out by research company Ipsos for GCap Media in the UK.

It shows that adding S&P to spot airtime commercials increases communications effectiveness and the persuasiveness of advertising messages, bringing brands to front-of-mind.